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M - 1218


Structural Foam Molds

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We specialize in structural foam molds and molding.

Our company has been providing prototype & production molds for the plastic industry worldwide for more than 15 years. We design & manufacture aluminum & steel, single & multi-cavity, plastic injection & structural foam molds. We also mold plastic & structural foam parts & do secondary assembly & machining operations.

Using high grade aluminum, our company can manufacture production quality molds that offer several important advantages over traditional steel molds. Aluminum molds reduce tooling costs, lead time & cycle time. High grade aluminum is used to fabricate molds to the same design criteria as steel molds. Repairs, maintenance & engineering changes are easier & cost less. Recognizing the benefits of aluminum vs. steel mold construction, we specialize in the production of aluminum molds, for both plastic injection & structural foam applications.

Parts produced using structural foam are especially well suited for applications where strength and durability are main concerns. Among the industries using structural foam products are:
- Agricultural
- Automotive
- Electronics
- Industrial material handling
- Landscaping
- Recreational and sporting goods

Structural foam molding combines plastic with nitrogen or other materials to produce a cellular structure in plastic parts. Parts produced using the structural foam process are stronger, more durable and weigh less than alternatives, such as wood, fiberglass, cast plastic and metal parts. In addition, structural foam parts are 100 percent recyclable-an important factor in today's ecologically-minded business environment.
We can provide complete product development, design, build, production or secondary machining and assembly services for structural foam applications.