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M - 1248


Rotomoulding Moulds

Product Details

NK Industries is a Mould Manufacturer, Exporter of Modern Moulds & Die Maker Company having own units of Moulds Manufacturing as per industries customer requirement.

Since 1998, NK Industries Experts provides Steel Moulds and Many Moreā€¦

We are the best in industry known to provide multiple size moulds for industrial purpose.

The moulds can be used in the following industries.
- Article Mould
- Horizontal Mould
- Loft tank Mould
- Road Barrier Mould
- Traffic Cone mould
- Dust and wast and wheel Trolley and wheel barrow Mould
- Industrial mould like processing trolleys and doff basket and crate mould
- Planter Mould
- Slim Tank Mould
- Vertical Mould

NK Industries is an expert industrial moulds production unit with in-built quality control unit. Our versatile solution helps industries to get the moulds upon their requirement. Our Best products can be counted as Horizontal Mould, Loft Tank Mould, Planter Mould, Slim Tank Mould, and Traffic Cone Mould along with various size and colors.

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