For Sale - M - 1287 - PET Preform and Hot Runner Moulds


Reference Number

M - 1287


PET Preform and Hot Runner Moulds

Product Details

We offer
- Preform moulds and hot runner systems up to 96 cavities
- Components for preform moulds and hot runner systems manufactured by Husky, MHT, Sipa, Otto Hoffstetter, SIG, Nissei ASB, Aoki, etc.
- Blow moulds for all types of re-heat stretch blow moulding machines
- Preform and container development services including prototyping
- Turnkey solutions for preform or PET container manufacturing

Characteristics (preform moulds and hot runner systems):
- Components are manufactured to extremely high levels of precision
- Premium quality steel and heat treatment used
- Hardness of all stack and hot runner components range from 50 to 70 Rockwell
- Balanced runner system with perfectly matching channels and no dead spots
- Excellent thermal isolation between mould (8 to 20 Degree C) and hot runner elements (280 to 290 Degree C)
- Premium quality heaters and thermocouples used in the hot runner system
- Generously sized quick coupling water connectors and cooling channels
- Water is distributed to mould stacks within the mould base - only 2 inlets and outlets for the mould
- Moulds are compatible with hot runners manufactured by Husky (or MHT according to customer preference) and vice-versa
- Hot runner components are interchangeable with standard Husky and MHT PET hot runner systems

User Benefits (preform moulds and hot runners):
- 2 years warranty
- Fast cycling due to optimized cooling channels and excellent thermal isolation of cavity from hot runner elements
- High uptime due to hot runner and mould reliability
- Extremely low scrap rates
- Energy efficient
- Quick mould change
- Lowest wall thickness variation
- Lowest cavity to cavity variations in dimensions
- Low AA levels
- Minimal deterioration of IV
- Low gate crystalinity

- We stock all hot runner and most mould components that can be shipped out at short notice
- We can commission and optimize the preform molding process for the client

Location: India