For Sale - M - 1415 - Thermoforming Moulds for Disposable Packaging


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M - 1415


Thermoforming Moulds for Disposable Packaging

Product Details

POLYFORM TECHNOLOGIES is leader in the field of thermoforming mould manufacturing.
POLYFORM TECHNOLOGIES thermoforming tools stand for reliability, innovation & precision - the first choice of thermoformers across the globe

The concept of easy-to-use disposable wares has revolutionized the food package ingindustry.
Right from the morning cup of tea to breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner and even at cocktail parties, thermoformed products dominate the scenario.

- Drinking Glasses for Hot Cold Beverages.

- Round Food Containers.

- Rectangular Trays for Sweets, Cookies, Vegetable & Fruits Packaging etc.

- Round & Rectangular Plat & Dona Lids.

- Rectangular compartment Meal TRAYS with Lids.

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