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M - 1461


Molds with Mold and Product Designing Services

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Product Design to Production (Injection Moulded Parts)
We have been working in Injection Mold manufacturing and Molding for past 26 Years.
Our involvement starts in product design stage until completion of the project and production.
We work with Product design, Mold flow, Tool design and Development, overseas tool management, implementation of production of injection molds in India and abroad.
We have tie up with renowned companies in China, Taiwan and Korea for Injection Mold manufacturing.

Our past experiences are in precision connectors, automotive interiors, IP accessories, double color injection molds, automotive inner and outer rear view mirrors, electrical switches and components, precision lenses for IP and meters and many more.

If you are looking for a better mold with longer life, lower cycle time, better cost and quality, connect with us.