For Sale - M - 1725 - Makino EDM Wire Cutting Machine


Reference Numbers

M - 1725


Makino EDM Wire Cutting Machine

Product Details

U-32J Makino
Maximum x axis travel: 300 mm.
Maximum y axis travel: 250 mm.
Maximum z axis travel: 220 mm.
Maximum job size can be loaded:-350 x 300 x 160
Maximum weight can be loaded : 400 kg.
Maximum finish can achieve on steel: 2 micron.
Guide type: open v guide with auto threading option.
There is only 9 machines in India.
Machine speed 0.5 mm per minute for 100 mm thickness.
Water tank capacity: 500 ltr.
Sub merged machine.

Concept of machine:
Process of removing material by
Discharging the electric power Brass wire.
CNC WEDM Machine.