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M - 852

Product Details

We are large scale tool room. Equipped with the latest software and a large and modern infrastructure.
We can handle complex and large moulds, re-engineering of imported chair moulds and the manufacture of moulds of international standards for export to the USA and Europe.
Spread over an area of 10000 sq.ft. and is equipped with state of the art systems which include the CAD-CAM(Uni Graphics)designing system and the latest CNC machines.
All designing is done on CAD and programmes for machining are generated on the CAM system. The CAD-CAM system (Uni Graphics) enables us to design very complex profiles with a measure of ease. The Vericut software helps to verify the machining path.
Mould flow shows the flow pattern according to the product design and helps in identifying area of error in design and aesthetics, even before the steel cutting for the mould is initiated.