Required - M - 1070 - Flat Extrusion Die


Reference Number

M - 1070


Flat Extrusion Die

Product Details

We search for a flat extrusion die
Width : 1200-1300mm
External deckling adjustable while running
Material to be processed : Acustic film: 80% CaCO3 + 15% Oil + 5% Plastificants
Thickness : mínimum 1.8mm, máx thickness 5,3mm
Application : Acustic isolation.
Final product in form of rolls (1,000 or 1,200mm width by 4 to 10m long) or panels (size according to customer needs between 1,000 x 500 and 2,000 x 1,250mm).
Rolls are mainly for construction purposes.
The die will be fixed on a twin screw extruder, after melt pump.