Required - M - 1255 - Hot Runner Mold for Whisky Glass


Reference Numbers

M - 1255


Hot Runner Mold for Whisky Glass

Product Details

We are looking for molds to manufacture whisky glass as follows:
Specification of glass:
- Top outside diameter: 59 mm
- Top inside diameter: 58 mm
- Bottom outside diameter: 55 mm
- Bottom inside diameter: 53 mm
- Wall thickness: 1.5 mm
- Material: PS
- Weight of the article: 27 grams

- It is our requirement to make the same measurements except thickness and to reduce the same to in order that the weight will be around 22 grams.

- The mold should be of 4 or 6 cavities with hot runners.

- The order to make the molds will be: First the cone, second the glass and thirdly the tube.

Location: South America

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