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RM - 5227



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PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Technical Specification:
Source: Waste PET Bottle (Food Grade)
Colour: Transparent
Grade: Clean, Dry and cold Washed
Physical Specifications: No Caps, Rings and Labels
Average Flake Grind Size: 4-12 mm
Maximum Size: 20 mm
PVC Contents: Below 0.01% (100 PPM)
Moisture Contents: Around 1%
Impurity: 0.1% not more than
Melting Points: Around 240 C – 260 Degree C
Viscosity: Around 0.75 – 0.85

Product: clean, clear, cold wash, dry and without caps, labels.
Size: 4 to 20 mm as per buyer choice.
Packing: 25 kgs in PP Woven Bag
Capacity: 2,000 M Ton / Month

Company name:- IKE Associate
Contact person:- Norio Ikemoto
Mobile phone: 81-90-4177-4557
E-mail address: