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New fully automated GPC mass spectrometer trims analysis time of Plastics, ... (14-11-2008)
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, North American subsidiary of Japan's Shimadzu has unveiled a gel permeation chromatography (GPC) mass spectrometer for quick analysis of ultra-trace substances such as impurities and additives in plastics and synthetic polymers. The GPC-AccuSpot-AXIMA combines a high resolution GPC system, the AccuSpot fully automated fraction collection and spotting device, and an AXIMA series MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.
Shimadzu has automated the process for analysis by redesigning their AccuSpot, a high-capacity liquid chromatography spotting system specifically designed for MS analysis, to make it compatible with standard GPC organic solvents. The device mixes the GPC eluent with MALDI matrix solution on-line and automatically deposits the resulting solution onto the MALDI sample target, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. The GPC-AccuSpot-AXIMA offers more detailed analysis of trace components that can not be detected due to ion suppression. It also helps detect substances that can affect material characteristics such as durability and deterioration.
With the new system, researchers can automatically fraction a maximum of 384 1-µL samples of a separated sample which eliminates the uncertainty associated with manual processing between separation by liquid chromatography and analysis by MALDI mass spectrometry. It also allows considerable time savings from about 10 hours down to three hours. Shimadzu is the only company that currently offers the complete system. However, the GPC-AccuSpot can be sold separately to be combined with an existing mass spectrometer.
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