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Indian Oil Corporation announces special post sales incentives (18-12-2012)
IOC has announced special post sales incentive for all customers applicable w.e.f. 12.12.2012 till 20.12.2012(no slabs).
1) Rs. 1000/mt on P/NP grades of 012DB54, 002DF50,003DF49,180M50,080M60,080M60U,010DP45,010DP45U AND
2) RS. 500/MT on P/NP grades of 0142R35A,042R35U,065E24A.
Post Sales Discount has been announced on on HD RAFFIA 010E52 (P/NP)(Only for MoU Customers) wef 15 /12/2012 till 31 /12/2012.

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