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Extruder Screens for Melt Filteration

  Extruder screens, Stainless steel screens, wire mesh for melt filteration for extruders. Contact manufacturers and suppliers of extruder screens, woven wire cloth, extruder filter jali, woven wire mesh screen for extruder, designer screens, filter discs and multilayer cylindrical screen pack.  

Screens for Melt Filteration

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Metallic Fibre Felt
- Metallic Fiber Felt is made of metal fiber in micrometer through lapping, laminate and high temperature sintering. - Multi player metallic fiber felt which has pore diameter   ...more
Extruder Filter Screens
Extruder Screens Single and Multilayer Screens - Dimensional accuracy - Quality wire mesh and grade - Ultrasonic cleaning - Symmetrical arrangement of wire mesh   ...more
Multilayer Cylindrical Screen Pack
Also known as candle filters, these screen packs are used in multilayer film and lamination plants. Available in various combinations of meshes to suit your nee  ...more
Circular Screen
Ambica offers Circular screens ranging from 6mm to 1000mm diameter. Uniformly cut by specially developed power press, to avoid uneven edge. Absolutely no wastage. Specially proc  ...more
Multilayer Circular Screen Pack
Ambica's Spot Welded Multilayer packs, assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error. Available in any size & combination of meshes. Highly User-Friend  ...more
Designer Screens
Some machines have specially designed shapes for filters, thus making it more customized so to increase the rapport between the machine manufacturers and the customers but here in   ...more
Multimesh Circular Screen
Ambica offers both weaves in Multimesh circular screen, Plain-Dutch weave & Twilled-Dutch Weave. Specially used in BOPP film plant, woven sacks, PET & non woven fabric pla  ...more
Filter Discs
Cut elements, available in any design and style in single or multiple layers. With or without spot welding For More Details Contact: Ambica Engineering And Wire Industries Mr.   ...more
Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Cloth
Wire Mesh (wire cloth) is come in different mesh, different gauge, different material like S.S 302/304/316 " G.I this product is use in every where in the world and all   ...more
Multi Mesh Cylinder Screen
Cylindrical Screen comes in single layer as well as multilayer. Cylinder screen is use in film coating, lamination and filtration petrochemical, pharmaceutical rubber &   ...more
Multilayer Wire Mesh Screen, Extruder Screens
Multilayer Wire Mesh Circle (multilayer extruder screen pack) is use in very fine and thin extrusion process for high quality petrochemical, plastic, r  ...more
Extruder Screens, Circular Mesh Screen, Wire Mesh Circle
Extruder Screen is come in circular and different shape it also called wire mesh circle in plastic and rubber industries, This product is co  ...more
Polymer Pack Filters
In polymer pack filters, we offers a large range of dies and tools and can manufacture more than 500 varieties and sizes of pack filters in different binding material. We can m  ...more
Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth
Woven wire cloth basically consists of stainless steel wires crossing at right angles to form uniform square openings also known as aperture. This is done by weaving proces  ...more
Extruder Screens
* High Quality and filtration
* Precise fitting filter elements
* Optimum cost-performance ratio
* Constant quality control during produ  ...more
Our company is pioneered in ready-to-use screens and screen packs in Indian markets. This enabled the plastic and rubber processing industries to reduce cost by saving labor and changeover   ...more

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