For Sale - PCM - 1044 - Injection Moulding Machine 80 tons


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PCM - 1044


Injection Moulding Machine 80 tons
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Product Details

Controller System:-

APC-6000 Controller With 7" COLOR LCD screen for 80 ton to 150 ton and 9" color LCD for 200 ton above standard feature.


The proven five points toggle mechanism ensures long life and efficent and reliable movement.


Our machines offer a large range of injection capacities with precise seven- (7) stages injection control.
The use of high precision linear displacement transducers ensures total repeatability of the injection settings.
Twin injection cylinders provide smooth movement, reduce structural stress and ensure long machine life.


The hydraulic system offers accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in an extremely quite system. VICKERS, YUKEN, REXROTH directional control valves and pumps guarantee that the our machines meet today injection molding standards without creating tomorrow maintenance problems.

Standard Features:-

Injection Unit:-

Four(4)injection pressures and speeds with three(3) additional holding pressures and speeds.

* Precision cushion control.

* Suck back function.

* Cold start protection.

* Pre-suck back function.

* Linear displacement transducer accurately monitors injection position, providing optimum injection accuracy and control.

* SSR Temperature control.

* Heating Status indication.

Clamping Unit:-

* Three(3) clamp close and open pressures and speeds.

* Mold protection function.

* Hydraulic ejector stroke controlled by transducer.

* Automatic hydraulic die-height adjustment driven by planetary gears system.

* Adjustable support shoes under moving platen.

* Automatic high pressure toggle lubrication with low oil level alarm.

* Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety interlock devices.

* Linear displacement transducer controls clamping position.

Hydraulic & Others:-

* Independent core in/out pressure and speed.

* Hydraulic unscrewing sequence.

* Hydraulic oil high temperature alarm.

* System pressure gauge.

* Shot counter and reset function.

* Malfunction alarm light.

* Self-diagnostic function.

* Emergency stop buttons placed both front and rear of the machine to provide easy access.


* Second core pull device.

* Special application screws and barrels.

* SPI Robotic interface or Euromap 12 Interface.

* Bypass oil filtration system.

* Water saving valve for the oil cooler.

* Special programming sequence.

* Air blast on moving platen and stationary platen.

* Hopper Dryer and Auto Loader

* Chiller

* Dehumidifier

* Mold Temperature Controller

* Auto Color Mixer with measuring device.

* SIEMENS or GEFRAN controller system