For Sale - PCM - 1064 - Injection Moulding Machine 1080 tons


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PCM - 1064


Injection Moulding Machine 1080 tons
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Product Details

* Higher l/d ratio ensuries uniform plastification as well as high plasticising capacity

* Five Knuckle joints with double toggle mould clossing system thereby ensuring magnification and large stroke ratio

* Super sensitive mould protection

* High torque hydraulic motor drive both for mould adjustment as well as pre plastification

* Multi step adjustment of injection speed and pressure

* Wide range of speed characteristic for mould closing and its protection

* Double cylinder balancing type injection system

* Various kinds of hydraulics ejector and optional core pulling device

* Back pressure control on moten plastic

Tripple interlock of machanical/electrical and hydraulic devices

* Precious measurement control by international brand of electronic position indicator

* Internationally renowned brand of components and computer control in english