For Sale - PCM - 1422 - Double Wall Corrugated Extrusion Pipe Plant


Reference Number

PCM - 1422


Double Wall Corrugated Extrusion Pipe Plant

Product Details

We manufacture the state of art Double Wall Corrugated Extrusion pipe plant (inner smooth & Outer Corrugated). The smooth technology that creates the product is well composed in a way to make it more user - friendly. The corrugated pipe, processed from our Corrugator machine, has increased degree of automation to acheive absolutely uniform production sequences and consistent product quality. This double wall Corrugated pipe has abundant application and with its smooth inner surface & corrugated outer surface it is on the advantageous side compared to its predecessor rigid pipe.

Nowadays, every user is demanding performance, quality and longitivity coupled with increasing cost pressures. Hence there is an increasing demand of processed corrugated pipe. Thus it requires production flexibility as much as automation and production transparency, to give the end product an added advantage of flexibility and good impact strength. The machine is designed so it consumes less raw material. This is the reason when not only customers are increasing inland but also the overseas.