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PCM - 1553


Plastic Blow Moulding Machines

Product Details

Our blow moulding machines are focused to cater to the quality conscious customers, and with built in cost effectiveness.
Our machines are designed & built to bring state of the art technology to Indian customers at cost effective prices in order to produce high quality blow moulded containers like Bottles, jerry cans, Drums(closed Head/Wide Mouth/Open Top) and containers. Suitable for 10 ltrs to 220 ltrs container and can aslo produce 2/3 layers co-extruded containers.

The extruder has grooved feed section and special mixing element to facilitate processing of HMWHDPE producing homogenous melt at low temperature. It can process HMWHDPE having HLMI as low as 2. Barrel cover protects the extruder from ambient changes. Barrel heat zones (4 no.) are blower-cooled. Feed section has temperature control
Extruder Drive: Helical speed reducer with hardened and ground/externally lapped gears ensure high efficiency (0.96 typically) and help cut energy costs. Dynamically self-aligning spherical roller thrust bearing of large capacity forms part of the speed reducer. Screw speed change is effected through AC variable speed drive (Frequnecy converter)
Accumulator Head:Accumulator head is of overlapping streamlined melt flow ans has first - in first-out design to prevent thermal damage of melt. Moving parts are hardened, ground and hard chromium plated,. Exceptionally fast straight parison drop is obtained without sag or curl. Radial wall thickness distribution of parison is uniform and with the result the mouldings are free of warpage & stress due to uneven cooling.
Clamp Unit: The clamp unit os of tie bar design & rigid construction. Movenment of mould platens is precisely equalized by means of a pair of rack and pinion mechanisms. Mould movement control is by means of displacement transducer.
Blow and Unscrew Unit: The blow and unscrew unit is of the most simple and yet reliable design. The blow pin is actuated by special hydraulic cylinder through 3 -step movement to facilitate calibration of precise neck. Unscrewing (required for producing internally threaded neck) is done by means of low speed high torque hydraulic motor.
Heaters:All band heaters are of ceramic type for conserving energy. Besided they last a lot longer than mica heaters.
Hydraulics:Reliably built system has a noise level of less than 85 decibels. Heat generation is reduced to a minimum with ingenious circuitry and efficient components. Besides energy efficient hydraulic system energy efficient electric motors too are used. That means saving aof a lot of energy. Hydraulic cylinders have PTFE seals which give long service life and waste less energy.
Take -Out Gripper:Take -Out Gripper reduces cycle time by eliminating manual part removal, which is prone to time variation and hazard.
Total Machine Control:Total machine contro through MOOG PLC lends itself for easy and quick setting of the machine. Besides parison programming it takes care of temperature control of the machine. A variety of sequences mto suit different models can be conveniently stored and recalled for use. It is quite user friendly.