For Sale - PCM - 1577 - PE/PP Monofilament Making Machine


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PCM - 1577


PE/PP Monofilament Making Machine
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Product Details

User friendly controller

The machine employs a SCR controller. The control panel provides the following major functions:

* Extruder drivecontrol.

* R.P.M. , A.M.P. display.

* Temperature Control.

* Heater Control.


* The screw is manufactured from special nitrogen treated precision ground and tempered steel.

* Automatic temperature control.

* High L/D ratio for high extruder output.

* Helical gear box drive.

* Choice of VS, AC, DC motor drive.

* The barrel is air cooled.

Cooling Device

* Constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

* Efficient chiller.

Take Off Unit (A, B, C)

* The three take off units can be controlled in integration.

* The take off speed is powered by the BS motor with adjustable speed, for smooth winding and stretching performance.

Stretching Device

* To eliminate the poor rounding problems which usually occurs with conventional pressure rollers, the stretching device on this machine is especially designed to allow the filament to float on the water, thus ensuring prperior filament roundness, uniformity and smoothness.

Annealing Device

* This releases stress from the stretched filament, thus strengthening the filament's tension capability.


* Adjustable winding speed.

* A prin type winder is available upon request