For Sale - PCM - 1578 - Nylon Monofilament Making Machine


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PCM - 1578


Nylon Monofilament Making Machine
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Product Details

Advanced Computer Control System
A state-of-the-art Computer Automatic Control system (CACS) is now available.

The CACS, an industrial grad computer and user-friendly Windows software, controls the entire production line.

* High speed communication network for accurate and stable production.

* The CACS can be connected with Ethernet for multiple on-line operations.

* The functions of CACS include controlling every operation for each machine of the entire line, recording and storing of production condition, status, product management, data testing and alarm.

* The CACS can store up to 9,999 sets of table, records, charts and data that can be called up for use at any time.

* All frequency invertor has a voltage over-ride feature for preventing filament breakage in the event of a power surge.


* Screw and Barrel are manufactured from SACM-1 special alloy, hardened and nitrogen treated steel.

* AC motor with frequency invertor drives and controls the speed of the screw.

* German BARMAG Gear Pump gives maximum gurability and highly accurate production.

Quenching Device

* The cooling water tank is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

* Stable cooling water ensures consistent filament diameter and oustanding transparency.

Take Off Unit (A, B, C, D)

* Four Take-Off units can be controlled in synchrony.

* Utilized a grar drive instead of chain drive for improved accuracy of take-off speed and stretch reatio

* Chrome-plated roller surface ensures filament smoothness.

Stretching Device

Hot Water / Steam Tank

* Temperature controlled hot water tank for flexible and accurate stretching operation.

* Special floating filament design ensures superior roundness, uniformity and smoothness of the filaments.

Double Circulation Hot Air Oven

* Designed to ensure consistent temperature and even hear distrubution, thus ensuring the consistent product quality.

Annealing Device

* Designed to release stress from the stretched filament to increase the filament's tensile strength and tenacity.

* Special design to ensure consistent temperature and even heat distribution, thus ensuring consistent product quality.


* Varioius types of Winder are available to suit your need.