For Sale - PCM - 1605 - EPS Automatic Hydraulic Shape Moulding Machine


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PCM - 1605


EPS Automatic Hydraulic Shape Moulding Machine
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Product Details

We have introduced latest ‘High efficient & high productive export model, fully automatic hydraulic shape moulding machine’.

Salient Features :

1. Machine structure designed using 180 mm x 180 mm x 8 mm hollow square section increase sturdiness and 70 mm dia ground and hard chrome plated Guide bar with Phosphor Bronze self lubricated guide bushes.

2. Fully automatic electric control panel with Festo Valves and L&T or Siemens material.
Fully automatic PLC based electronic control panel

3. Specially designed hydraulic power pack with two hydraulic cylinder to generate 22-28 tons of force for clamping of mould to avoid steam leakage and improve quality.

4. Audco ball valve with actuator & toughened glass safety guard.

Advantages :

1. 250% extra productivity (average) compared to Pneumatic manual machine.

2. 30 to 40% extra (average) productivity as compared to fully automatic Pneumatic machine.

3. Raw material saving of 5% to 10%.

4. Quality - better product finish and low rejection.

5. Energy saving - 40%.