For Sale - PCM - 1719 - PP High Output for Small Film Sizes


Reference Numbers

PCM - 1719


PP High Output for Small Film Sizes

Product Details

This plant gives output of 45 kgs / hr even with smaller film sizes, because of higher speed film production and yet maintains the clarity of the film.

The plant offers advantage of higher output with superior film quality at much reduced cost per kg. output, due to saving in costs of power and space.

Properties of Polypropylene:
PP is the lightest among major thermoplastics, highly transparent, high heat resistant, with good resistance to most chemicals. It has higher stiffness than HDPE, higher surface gloss and abrasion resistance.

Applications of PP films:
PP films are in great demand in Packaging Industry, because of its versatile properties. PP films are used for packaging of Bakery Products, Confectioner, Food Products, Textiles, Hosiery, Garments etc.

Salient features:
- Gas nitrided screw and barrel
- DC motor with Thyristor drive
- Helical gear box
- Spiral die
- Hot air drying chamber
- Two station torque winder

Optional attachments:
- Cassette type screen changer
- Motorized lifting arrangement for extruder
- Expanded air shafts
- Synchronization system
- AC frequency variable drive