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PCM - 1785


Pressure Thermoforming Machine

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Thermoforming using G. N. Plastics Pressure forming Machines is a process of heating a sheet of plastic to forming temperature, stretching the softened sheet inside a mould, allowing the formed sheet to cool and then trim the formed part from the web. The technology and design of Contact Heat / Cut-in-place pressure formers achieve four critical goals important to any packaging producer: Quality Control, Flexibility, Efficiency and Simplicity.

GN Contact Heat, Cut-in-place thermo formers are simple to run and maintain, compact and affordable to buy and operate. They are rugged and dependable. In short, they are ideal for a start-up packaging business in an emerging market or a large thermoforming company in a competitive market. They can make a variety of products from blister packs for pharmaceuticals and electronics to microwaveable food trays by changing a simple mould (tool). GN Contact Heat, Cut-in-place pressure formers produce less waste and more parts per meter of material and can easily handle a variety of recycled plastics, making it an environmentally sound choice.

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