For Sale - PCM - 1828 - Four Arms Turret Rotational Moulding Machine


Reference Numbers

PCM - 1828


Four Arms Turret Rotational Moulding Machine

Product Details

Oven Chamber - Oven roof and panels constructed of heat and corrosion resistant steel sheets and are packed with high thermic insulation material. Oven chamber is heated by forced re-circulation of hot air in a closed circuit by high velocity fans with air guidance. High efficiency gas or diesel burner system equipped with modulating burner control and exhaust dampers. The doors are operated smoothly by AC gear motors.

Panel - Control panel is a freestanding control system with remote control unit for operator. A/C frequency drives for all arms rotation. Control panel is equipped with programmable logic control (PLC). The screen displays molding cycle parameters, arm rotation speed, Machine faults

Turret Units - Welded steel solid construction Turret equipped with three to four arms. Direct drive with hardened shafts and gears. Heavy-duty arm and head bearings with easily accessed lubrication points. Direct drive arms rotation with hardened gears for constant smooth arms and plates rotation.

Cooling Chamber - Manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanized steel panels with structural steel frame for strength. Doors are operated smoothly by AC gear motors. Fog spray heads mounted on the roof with large capacity cooling fans.

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