For Sale - PCM - 1833 - Accumulator Blow-Moulding Machine 5 to 15 liters


Reference Numbers

PCM - 1833


Accumulator Blow-Moulding Machine 5 to 15 liters

Product Details

Consistent repeatability of Parison thanks to the state-of- art design of extruders & accumulator heads and precise temperature profile. These are accumulator type machines and suitable for mass production of a variety of quality plastic containers. Besides specialty items like automotive parts-like oil tanks, bellows, ducks thermo-ware, water tanks and toy parts-like children's cycle seat and tyre are molded in these machines.
- Long durability
- Lower operational cost
- Versatile built-in accumulator head
- Quick to learn & easy to operate
- Suitable for mass production
- Equality production possibilities

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