For Sale - PCM - 1845 - Complete Inline Extrusion and Thermoforming solution for Polypropylene (PP)


Reference Number

PCM - 1845


Complete Inline Extrusion and Thermoforming solution for Polypropylene (PP)

Product Details

PP-Inline machine, a dream for quite some time, has now become a reality. The In-line machine comprises of a Sheet-extruder and a Thermoforming machine. Our thermormer is specially designed for thin walled disposable cups and containers for PP. The unique In-line technology is so designed that the granulate is melted by an Extruder and the sheet is extruded through a flat T-die. The hot sheet is passed through a vertical stack-roller unit. Precise temperature of the sheet is maintained with specially designed heating and cooling system. The sheet is fed in-line to the forming machine where forming takes place with a technique of plug-assist pressure forming in combination with vacuum assist and in-mould cutting.
The technology driven machine is designed with

- Servo driven platen movement.
- Servo driven plug assist.
- Servo driven indexing and
- PC based Servo soft controls

the continuous extrusion speed is adapted to the discontinuous forming cycles of the thermoforming system. This enables the thermoformed to be completely harmonized with the sheet extruder and produce excellent quality products.

Advantages :

- Low energy consumption : as the material is fed directly from the roll stack in hot condition, as a result the heating load on the thermoformed reduces

- Improved product quality - since actual material handling is greatly reduced due to in-line technology thereby maintaining purity

- Flexibility of Production - adjustable for various product capacities if necessary by addition of extra lines

- Reduced manufacturing space requirement

- Reduced manpower requirement - due to in-line operations

- Higher degree of hygiene for food packaging - as the extruded sheet is in a controlled environment with virtually no physical human contact

- Economy in processing - since most material handling and storage area is minimized

- Grinder can also be attached inline to make the entire operational sequence a closed loop one

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