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PCM - 1939


Conical Twin screw Extruders

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The NCMT series of conical twin screw extruders offered by Neoplast is the fifth generation of conical twin screw extruders developed under technical collaboration with M/s. Cincinnati extrusions, Austria, who have an experience of designing more than 6000 PVC processing lines.

Our customers benefit from this experience by way of enormous processing latitude, extreme life and the most favorable price / performance ratio.

NCMT series extruders from Neoplast are designed to ensure a higher return on your investment, i.e. outstanding cost effectiveness, higher output and excellent product quality.

Integral components:
- Cimitherm (Internal screw core thermoregulation):
This system is based on the heat pipe principle.

Heat is transferred back from the hot screw tip to the cold feed zone, resulting in considerable energy saving.

Cimitherm is a self-regulating system that adjusts to changing heat transfer requirements and does not require any adjustments.

- Venting unit:
The venting port on the barrel is coupled with a specially designed efficient venting pump for effective removal of air and gases generated during the plastification process.

- Top-performance control panel:
It is provided with complete sequencing logic for interface with upstream and downstream equipments used in extrusion line.

Dual display PID temperature controllers for extruder and die zones are also provided.

To guarantee optimal ease of operation, all set-point and actual values along the extrusion line can be processed, visualized and evaluated at a central location.

- Metering unit:
Metering unit facilitates accurate adjustment of the screw filling factor and plasticizing capacity.

It is ideal for materials with the possibility of density variations & particularly suitable for processing regrind and pellets.

- Barrel heating cooling system
Specially designed barrel heating cooling elements (air power cooling) and precise locations of thermocouples ensure accurate temperature control. The large surface area of cooling elements results into the highest efficiency and lowest maintenance.

- Screw and barrel life:
A novel wear resistance coating technique ensures exceptional long life of screw and barrel, the heart of the extruder.

The wearing layer achieved with this technique is denser, more compact and less brittle than conventional coatings applied with customary methods.

We guarantee extreme abrasion resistance.

- Threaded barrel:
Due to unique manufacturing techniques, barrels are with absolutely accurate conical bores.

The barrel is made from nitro- alloy steel with hardness of 50 Hrc, which in turn undergoes two-stage gas nitriding to achieve final hardness of 67 Hrc.

- Larger L/D ratio:
The 45/97mm conical twin screw, discharges like a parallel 45mm, feeds like a parallel 97mm & matches the gearing of a parallel 110.

A conical 45mm extruder can match output of 65mm parallel, the intake section has surface area and gentle plasticizing of a 100 mm parallel, while only the metering section has the excess friction and shear of a 45 mm parallel.

The small screw front face results in a low axial force on the screws.

- Gentle and efficient plastification:
The screw surface area in the feed zone is considerably larger than that of the parallel screws offering same output.

As a result, transmission of heat energy and the plastification in the feed zone is much more efficient.

Moreover due to larger feed zone, plastification work is spread out over a larger section of the screw.

- Optimized screw geometry:
Digressive pitch in the feed and compression zone ensures the continuity of compression, hence there are no pressure peaks, which is in favour of a prolonged life of the gear box.

In the metering section, the meshing surface area is less, which gives lower shear energy input, and in addition, the shear rate is further reduced because of the conical screw design.

- Continuity of compression:
By using conical twin screws, compression continuity can be maintained throughout the length of the screw.

Compression continuity results into enormous processing latitude & better quality of melt.

- Life of gears:
The pinion gears of conical twin screw lasts much longer than those of parallel twin screws.

As the center distance is much larger, the gear pinions have larger diameter which increases the life of the gears.

The life of gear pinions increases with the cube of the diameter, which enhances the reliability.

- Homogeneous and better melt quality:
The meshing surface area of conical twin screw is larger in the plasticizing section which results into higher but controllable energy input through shear.

In the metering section, the meshing surface area of conical twin screw is less, giving lower energy input and hence homogeneous melting.

- Ease of maintenance:
The conical twin screw is taken out from the backward direction.

The barrel is simply moved to the side which results in higher productivity by saving machine down time.

Neoplast offers conical twin screw extruders for RPVC pipes, CPVC pipes, SWR pipes, HDPE pipes, engineering profiles, furniture profiles, building sections, etc.

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