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PCM - 1941


Lab Extruder

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Neoplast has developed first time in India a fully instrumented single screw and twin screw lab extruders with integrated data acquisition PLC. This machine can be attached to various downstream equipments to carry out varieties of testing like extrudability of polymers, studying the problems occurring in R and D as well as in practical applications. Manifold screws, die heads and downstream equipments fulfill all kinds of extrusion tasks.
The sample material is plastified under practice-oriented conditions and extruded through die head. All measuring values such as torque, melt pressure, melt temperature are recorded continuously and represented in the form of tables and graphs parallel to the running test.

Salient Features
- The Extruder frame is mounted on four caster wheel with level screw arrangement to fix it rigidly on the floor.
- Main motor with AC variable frequency drive and detachable keyboard.
- For attaching various toolings, the barrel flange is provided with hinge type arrangement for quick opening, dismantling and screw cleaning.
- The maximum output is just 5 kg/hr, which prevents wastage of expensive material under testing.
- The maximum processing temperature is up to 400 C which can be controlled by auto tune type, dual display PID temperature controllers.

Lab Extruder Attachment:
1) Blown Film Attachment - For Dispersion Testing:
Salient Features:
- The Blown Film Attachments is comprises of die head, air ring, take off tower and single station centre winder.
- The die head is of 50 mm dia which is made from SS 410, mirror polished and hard chrome plated.
- The air ring is designed with adjustable single lip to control the air flow. A specially designed blower with controlled on suction side and discharge side is provided to supply the controlled air to the air ring.
- The take off tower is provided with 300 mm wide and 100 mm dia pneumatically operated nip rollers which are driven by variable speed geared AC motor. The complete assembly is mounted on two pillar structure with adjustable height up to 400 mm.
- The single station tube winder with 50 mm core dia is driven by special designed torque motor with film tension adjustment.

2) Melt Properties Measurement - For Filterability Testing
Salient Features:
- The leaver type single action manual screen changer is provided with provision of melt pressure and melt temperature transducer mounting.
- The breaker plate holding is provided with quick opening arrangement to change the screen pack easily.
- The optional geared melt pump ensures pumping of polymer melt at a constant pressure.
- The filter test measurement assembly designed in line with standardization specification norms EN13900-5.

3) Pelletizing Attachment - For Masterbatch Testing:
Salient Features:
- Pelletizing attachment consists of strand die head, water trough and strand cutter.
- All material contact parts are made of SS 304.
- The strand cutter is provided with carbide tip for better quality of the pellets and long life of the cutting blades.

4) Pipe and Tube Attachment:
Salient Features:
- Pipe die head with 10 mm OD and 0.8 mm thickness insert is provided for RPVC pipe formulation. 1 meter long baby vacuum sizing tank made of SS 304 with vacuum calibration sleev for 10 mm pipe dia is provided.
- Baby hauloff for pulling the pipes/tubes is incorporated in this attachment which is driven by AC drive for controlling the line speed.
- The extruded pipe can be cut manually by pipe cutter.

5) Control Panel:
Salient Features:
- The Lab Extruder is designed with fully instrumented control desk for monitoring and controlling processing parameters.
- The design of the control panel can be customized to suit any process requirement. The temperature controllers are provided with auto tuning, dual display and with PID control.
- Optional PLC with MMI can be incorporated to record processing parameters like temperature, ampere, screw speed, melt pressure, melt temperature etc. The stored data can be printed with computer interface.

The following attachment can also be offered :
- T-Die for sheet extrusion
- Rod die
- Wire coating die
- Swatch moulding die

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