For Sale - PCM - 1944 - Hydraulic Press for R&D


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PCM - 1944


Hydraulic Press for R&D

Product Details

Neoplast Hydraulic Presses are designed to meet the diverse needs of industry. Neoplast presses are used in many applications including R&D, powder/granules compaction, specialty forming etc. These presses are specially used for low volume production situations and quality testing in biological and mechanical fields wherever pressing is required.

Salient Features:
- Neoplast has specially designed bench top presses mounted on caster wheels for ease in movement.
- Clamp force range from 10 tons to 35 tons with four column sturdy structure.
- Neoplast Presses incorporates built-in hydraulic system for accurate programmable operation with a fully covered platen for operating ease and clear observation with all integral safety enclosures.
- Digital display of processing pressure and temperature.
- Semi-automatic or fully automatic controls are available as per customer's need.
- Plate type electrical heaters are incorporated; optional cooling of the platen by water or compressed air is also available.
- All controls are push button type as standard scope of supply.
- The ideal choice to press rubber, plastic, metal powders.

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