For Sale - PCM - 1982 - Single-Head Co-Extruding Machine


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PCM - 1982


Single-Head Co-Extruding Machine

Product Details

Our Lamination machines are exported to over 40 countries.
Product Structure: One-time co extrusion of single-faced six laminations: major base materials / extruded laminations A-B/ interlayer base materials / plastic resin used for change of A, B face co extrusion of lamination, capable of producing different kinds of high-performance and low-cost laminated packing products. Extruding Machine : HL-90S or HL-100S co extruding machine, composed of 2 HL-90 or HL-100 dynamic extruders and an special co extruding coupler, with a motor power of 37-45kw. Extrusion Output: Single machine maximum 220kg/h. Coat Thickness: 12-60 p.m, single lamination thickness 6-50 p m. Evenness of Thickness: < + 5%. Production Speed: maximum speed when co extruding PP 200m/min; maximum 160m/min when extruding LDPE. Machine Specification : 1100 mm, 1350 mm, 1450 mm, 1600 mm. Working Width: maximum 1050 mm, 1300 mm, 1400 mm, 1500 mm. Base Materials Used: BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, thin paper (50-200g/m). Interlayer Base: CPE, CPP, MCPP, MPET, aluminum foil, paper. Resins Used: LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, EAA, EMA, EMAA coating resins. AC Agent Coating and Drier: Coating roller with scraper and web, and 4 meter drier. Unrolling Diameter: Maximum Die 680 mm or Die 800 mm or Die 1000 mm. Interlayer Rolling Diameter: Die 480 mm or Die 680 mm. Rolling Diameter: Maximum Die 680 mm or Die 800 mm. Tension Control: Fully automatic control of rolling and unrolling and that of interlayer, maximum tension Overall Unit Electric Control Mode: Imported programmed PLC controller, man-machine interface control, overall unit driving. Frequency Changer: imported AC digital or vector-controlled frequency changer. Overall Unit Factory Building Requirement: 17m Length x 11-13m Width x 4m Height.

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