For Sale - PCM - 2033 - XPS Foam Board Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2033


XPS Foam Board Line

Product Details

Our XPS Foam Board Line produces extruded PS foam board by most advanced technology to absolute thermal insulation.

The Line consists of following parts - Tandem extrusion for homogeneous melt, Die and Calibration for forming a rigid board, in appropriate down stream equipment for the continuous board being to cut and trimmed to specific sizes and profiles, finally stacking and packing machine for finishing board to transport.

Extrusion Capacity: 300-700 kg / hr
XPS Board Thickness: 20 - 120 mm x 600 - 900 mm width

The Characteristics of XPS board:
- Excellent insulation
- Very low water absorbance
- High mechanical resistance
- Very high compression strength
- Self extinguish properties
- Climate durability
- Compatibility with all usual construction materials