For Sale - PCM - 2034 - Polystyrene Foam Sheet Extrusion Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2034


Polystyrene Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

Product Details

We manufacture PS foam sheet extruders with capacity of 250 - 550 kg/hr.
Our extrusion line can produce sheets upto 1200 mm wide. Butane Gas is used as the blowing agent.
Applications of sheets produced
- Trays for fruits, vegetables and fresh meats, packages for the fast food sector (take-away food), egg boxes.
- Lunch box, bowls, dinner trays and various types of food containers,
- Educational materials, decoration and publicity articles (display)
- Insulation material for the building sector (wallpaper, under layer and ceiling boards)
- EPS food containers can help to keep food hot and cold perfect for a variety of foods ranging from hot snacks to ice cream.
- Printable, foldable, flockable, embossable, moisture and water resistant, low steam and air permeability, microbe-resistant, excellent insulating properties.