For Sale - PCM - 2053 - Washing Line for PET bottle waste


Reference Number

PCM - 2053


Washing Line for PET bottle waste

Product Details

We manufacture complete washing line with German technical collaboration.

We have designed using latest technology a trouble free washing line not only for PET, but also for other plastics viz; film grade PP and PE, CD, DVD, X-ray films, Video tapes

The shredded PET bottle flakes are sent through separation tank to remove heavy material like soil, sand and also to float out the labels and caps.

Specially designed hot tanks remove the glue, degraded oil, grease and any form of dried fat.

A high Speed Friction washer further cleans the material thoroughly.

The twin drying system helps to bring down the Moisture content to as low as 0.5% - 0.7%.

Expected Output - PET Washing Line
- Moisture Content: 0.5% - 1.00%
- Size of the flake: 8 - 15 mm.
- Yellowness: < 2%
- PP PE Content: < 20 PPM
- PVC: < 20 PPM
- Other Polymers: < 50 PPM
- Metal Parts: < 40 PPM
- Glue content: < 30 PPM
- Bulk Density: 300 - 500 kg