For Sale - PCM - 2166 - 500 Kg/hr Washing Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2166


500 Kg/hr Washing Line

Product Details

Supply of Washing Line for 500-kg/hr Output consisting of:

- Feeding Conveyer Belt X 1: For feeding in to the Crusher

- Grinder X 2:
Feed Opening (mm): 600
Size of Blades (Inch): 24
Motor Power (HP): 25
Max. Output (Kgs/Hr): 300
Screen Hole Size (mm): 12

Salient Features:
- Casting steel construction.
- Double ball bearing.
- Cutter hardness after heat treatment: HRC 60 ~ 65.
- High-pressure water spray cleans oil and dirt on the surface of bottles quickly.

- Drainage Auger X 2: To deliver crushed flakes in to Dynamic Centrifuge for washing and Drying.

Dynamic Centrifuge X 2 (Washing and drying one each):
- Used for stirring and washing flakes continuously.
- One screen filter is located below the unit for filtering sand, dirt and contaminants.
- Function of screw is for material delivery and washing.
- One water spray device is located on the top to clean flakes again.
- Washes as well as dries the material.

Salient features:
- Steel construction.
- Water contact surface is made of SS 304.
- Material of screw: SS 304
- Driven by electric gear motor

Total Power Consumption: 10 HP
Tank size: Length- 8 ft x Width - 4ft x Height - 4ft.

- Float Sink Tank X 1: Stainless Steel Construction, it receives the material from top and make final separation of the floating flakes from the sinking ones and is complete with:

A) Horizontal Auger for sinking materials extraction
B) Paddle Roller for conveying the floating material

Total Power Consumption: 4 X 0.5 HP Motors
Tank size: Length- 8 ft x Width - 4ft x Height - 4ft.

Salient Features: Washed pet flakes, which are mixed with crushed caps and labels, are separated here by specific gravity. An auger screw is connected in the bottom of tank. It is able to deliver the crushed flakes into the next washing equipment. There is also an auger equipped on the top of the tank. It delivers floating material to the dewatering stage.

Storage Silo X 1: To store the clean, dry flakes for further dispensing.

Control Panel X 1: Consists of all the electrical controls.

Power: Total power required: about 75 HP, total power used: about 55 HP.

Water: Water consumption: 1,000 liters/hr. Water used in the washing line, depending on the contamination of the material, if treated, can be reused.

Manpower Requirement: To feed, check the line and collection of flakes we suggest 4 persons.

Suggested Area: For a correct installation of the plant you need about 1000 m2.

Applications: Polyester Zips, Industrial Strapping, Fibre for Polyester Carpet, Fabric for T-Shirts, Athletic Shoes, Sheet and Films, Bottles for Hair Oil, Shampoo, Body Lotions, Floor Cleaners, Distilled Water and Pesticides.

Quality Standards:
- Intrinsic Viscosity (IV): 0.6 to 0.7 dl/gm
- Glass Transistors Temperature (TG) 72.50 C
- Melting Point (Tm): 240 to 260 0C
- Max. Moisture Content: Less than 1%
- Impurities like PVC / PP / PE / PU: Less than 0.05%
- Labels: Less than 0.1%
- Package: 25 to 500 kg/bag fastened and sealed with 2 ears for 500 kg bag for forklift

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