For Sale - PCM - 2168 - Economical Lamination Machine with Gravure Coating System


Reference Number

PCM - 2168


Economical Lamination Machine with Gravure Coating System

Product Details

We manufacture a Lamination machine which is easy to handle, install and operate. It takes care of Large Quantity of Lamination work in a non-messy and organized manner.

Salient Features
- Gravure coating system with reverse arrangement.
- Cantilever type impression pressure assembly actuated with pneumatic piston for rubber roll,
- Doctor blade and Nip Roller.
- Fully insulated glass wool sheet fitted in the panel (Top side and Bottom) for controlling heat loss.
- One and one slit type air flow arrangement, Divided equally are placed against roller for proper web support.
- Exhaust Nozzles are equally distributed through-out the length of drying chamber.
- Digital temperature controller with indicator and PT 100 sensor for each zone.
- Inside heating for Nip steel roller.
- Two roll surface Rewinder with slipping clutch assembly.
- CT. SRA Web system for controlling the Web after the Drying tunnel.

Technical Specification for Standard M/C / High Speed Lamination M/C
- Web Width: 400-1600mm
- Unwind Rewind Diameter: 600-1000 mm.
- Hot Air Temp.: 50-150C
- Machine Speed: 60-120 / 150-200 m/Min
- Heat Source: 1 HP AC motor with blower for each zone (optional ) / Hot air generator
- Exhaust: 3 HP / 5HP
- Main Drive: 5 HP / Synchronized Drive 5, 5, 7.5, 3 HP for coater, Nip, Rewind and Positive Drive.
- Material to be Laminated: Paper, Poly, Polyester, BOPP, Aluminum Foil etc.