For Sale - PCM - 2171 - HM-HDPE Compact Blown Film Plant


Reference Numbers

PCM - 2171


HM-HDPE Compact Blown Film Plant

Product Details

Our extrusion blown film plant offers dual advantage of superior quality film at a lower output cost, due to its compact size and low power consumption.

This plant gives a high output even with small film sizes due to its unique design and structure.

Special Features
- Gas Nitride Screw and Barrel
- Helical Gear Box
- Spiral Die
- AC drives for extruder and Take-up
- Surface Winder
- Film embossing (RimZim) arrangement

Application of HM-HDPE, LD, LLDP FILMS
- Vest Bags (Zabla), T shirt bags
- Heavy Duty Bags
- Shopping Bags
- Refuse Bags
- Liners
- Textile and Garments

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