For Sale - PCM - 2245 - Compounding and Masterbatch Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2245


Compounding and Masterbatch Line

Product Details

The hot die-face cutter under water as well as air cooling system for Compounding & Masterbatches & re-granule the plastic material such as LD - HD - PP- HM - ABS etc...

Operation: As the polymer extrudes from the die-plate, a rotating knife cuts the hot material and throws the pellets toward water cooling chamber. After passing cooling chamber it pass through centrifugal dryer. In centrifugal dryer, the high speed rotation of dryer removes surface water by impact against perforated screens while the residual pellets heat further aids in drying & pellets are discharged into a conveying system or container.

We also provide separate Hot Die-Face Cutting Attachment for your existing extruder. We also provide separate Hydraulic Screen Changer & Manuel Screen Changer.

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