For Sale - PCM - 2249 - Hydraulic Press Lab Model


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PCM - 2249


Hydraulic Press Lab Model

Product Details

Our Hydraulic Press is laid out as four-column press. The machine can be used to produce all kinds of flat samples in the laboratory. Working dimensions are laid out for all laboratory standards and for the use of moulds.

Press force can be set with a hydraulic pressure control unit between 10 and 100%. A pressure gauge shows the actual pressure & leakages will be compensated automatically. All functions are controlled by solenoid valves & L.C.D. Based micro controller system.

All hydraulic units are connected on a valve bank. Together with an oil pump running under oil this leads to a compact design. Heating energy is provided by plate type heater which are arranged to achieve an equal temperature distribution. An integrated water cooling system allows cooling down samples under pressure. Insulating plates are used to reduce heat transfers to the press unit.

The microprocessor based "touch-screen control panel is arranges side by side with the press unit to allow easy operation. Plate temperature will be controlled with micro controllers. Electric system and hydraulic parts are integrated in the machine however easy access allows maintenance.

Technical Data - DHP-200
- Working area: 250 mm x mm
- Plate dimension: 300 mm x mm
- Daylight opening: 195 mm
- Press force: 50 upto Tons
- Hydraulic pressure: 150 upto bar
- Hydraulic power: 1.5 kw
- Working temperature: 300 upto C.
- Heating power per plate: 1.5 kw
- Machine length: 1000 mm
- Machine depth: 550 mm
- Machine height: 1160 mm
- Machine weight: 600 kg