For Sale - PCM - 2274 - Rotomould Closed Oven Rock-N-Roll


Reference Number

PCM - 2274


Rotomould Closed Oven Rock-N-Roll

Product Details

Shree Momai Rotomould Closed Oven Rock-N-Roll machine is suitable for roto moulding water storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, loft tanks, material handling containers, road cones, road dividers, insulated double wall ice boxes, light globes, litter bins, garbage bins, plastic pallets, automobile parts, plastic crates & many more industrial & custom build products

- Highly versatile closed oven Rock-N Roll machine.
- Electrically heated oven.
- Fully automatic panel board with digital temperature controller.
- An ideal machine for loft tanks up to 1000 liters and overhead tanks and other containers upto 2000 liters.
- Less Installation area, low cost and low maintenance.
- Highly efficient hot air recirculation fans for uniform heating.
- Cooling station with blower.
- Available in two models of 1000 liters & 2000 liters capacity.
- Optional LPG / Diesel heating system.