For Sale - PCM - 2338 - Granulation Plant with Pelletiser


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PCM - 2338


Granulation Plant with Pelletiser

Product Details

- Our recycling and granulation extruders contain Screw and Barrel made from alloy steel duly nitrided and hard chrome plated for long life.
- Screw is fitted on suitable heavy thrust housing with thrust and roller bearing to withstand thrust pressure during extrusion.
- Screw is driven by AC motor and coupled through a suitable standard make gear box.
- Barrel is divided into three zones for heating load distribution.
- Cooling blowers are provided to all zones.
- Water circulating jacket is provided in feeding zone.

- Die and adapter is made out from an alloy steel and hard chrome Plated.

Water Tank:
- This unit is fabricated from the SS sheet.

- This unit comprises of the nine blades among them one is fixed and eight are rotating.
- The entire cooling cello is provided to get the required shape and size of the granules.
- 10 & 12 Blades

Control Panel:
- Control panel comprises of Microprocessor based Digital Temperature controllers to control the temperature on barrel and die.
- All AC motors are driven by thyristorised AC drive to get the better speed control.
- Main AC motors get the optimum performance of the machine.