For Sale - PCM - 2355 - 30 to 200 Tons Injection Moulding Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2355


30 to 200 Tons Injection Moulding Machine

Product Details

Control Unit
- Microprocessor based control
- Proportional pressure and speed set digitally from MMI
- Hydraulic oil temperature display
- Data storage memory for 30 moulds
- Adaptive PID temperature control of all zones
- Heaters can be programmed proportional or on/off
- Calibration of all analog inputs through digital settings
- Core pulling with 6 different programs
- Specifications of various process parameters with 3 sigma limits
- 4 level password facility provided
- Production count for four and shift
- Hourly production history for last 1 month
- Running function display
- Fault diagnosis display on MMI
- Cycle time graphical chart

Clamping Unit
- 3 stage mould open/close speed
- Moulds safety pressure proportional
- Programmable hydraulic ejector in multiple stages
- Linear variable transducer for mould open/close stroke control
- Pressure, transducer for clamping force control

Injection Unit
- Injection speed profiling, 5 stages
- Hold on pressure profiling, 4 stages
- Refill speed profiling, 3 stages
- Screw position control by linear variable transducer
- Suck back with speed and pressure control
- Screw rotation by direct drive hydraulic motor
- Suck back before refill and after refill
- Auto sprue break
- Proportional back pressure position based

High Performance Barrier Screw
- Optimum use of master batch due to better mixing and homogenous melt
- Cooling time reduces as plasticization performs at low temperature
- Sub flight chops-up the solid and melted resin, and then mixes homogeneously
- Homogeneous melt and uniform resin mixing results less colour dispersion
- Better mixing of resin needs low screw reaction pressure

Locking Unit - Clamping Force: 30 - 200 Tons

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