For Sale - PCM - 2378 - Moving Oven Type RotoMolding Machine


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PCM - 2378


Moving Oven Type RotoMolding Machine

Product Details

- Naroto moving oven rotational moulding machines are specially designed for the energy saving environmental friendly heating chambers with efficient heat transfer technology.
- State of the art technology in designing the insulation panels for better working environment.
- Straight-arm with four mold carrying carrier plates for economical working.
- Machine controls are equipped with necessary interlocking, safely devices with indicators and alarm.
- Microprocessor based machine control panel with digital display.
- [PLC on specific request]
- Variable speed a/c motors are for major and minor speed controls.
- Mould indexing facility.
- Environment friendly burners suitable for LPG/CNG/OIL/Duel fuels.

Model available in:
- Moving oven with turret machines having 3 arm / 4 arm.
- Moving oven with independent 3 arm / 4 arm with 4 stations / 5 stations.

Range available in:
Wide range of moving oven type rotomoulding machines having oven chamber size from 1.5 meters to 6.0 meters to produce up to 20,000 ltrs [5000 USG]

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