For Sale - PCM - 2393 - Foamed Ceiling Tiles Forming Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2393


Foamed Ceiling Tiles Forming Machine

Product Details

We manufacture automatic Machine for the production of Decorative Ceiling tiles from cut blocks tile size: 50 CM × 50 CM × 0.7 CM. The automatic machine moulds and finishes the decorative surface of the cut tiles in such a way as to ensure that these ceiling tiles are almost the same as standard ceiling tiles which are foamed in a time and money-consuming method in individual moulds.
Output: 5 cubic meter in 1 minute
The automatic machine only needs one electric power supply (10 KW) and compressed air of 7 bar (450 liters/Min.) no vapour! - No water! - No cooling plants! All accessory units such as our Precision cutting machines + fully automatic packing plants to pack the tiles into bags + know-how can be also supplied! More than 1 000 000 000 decorative tiles have been sold up to.