For Sale - PCM - 2404 - Downward Extrusion Blown Film Lines


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PCM - 2404


Downward Extrusion Blown Film Lines

Product Details

Our blown film extrusion lines are world's highest output downward extrusion water quenched universal application film lines to produce various combinations of PP and PE grades. These lines are offered up to three layer configuration to process diversified, water quenched film products and can be up-graded to incorporate auxiliary equipments and alternate assembly modules. Line to process Nylon, as also to produce blood bags, is offered; tailored to customer's specific requirements.

These lines incorporate latest technological advancements like oscillating die or oscillating take-off, load cell controlled winders, large filtration area candle filters, grooved feed barrier screw extruders with interchangeable mixing pin, static and dynamic melt blenders, fully automatic center-surface-gap turret winder etc.

Application includes bread bags, garment bags, high clarity general packaging films, flower wraps, confectionery packaging, lamination film, blood bags and metallizable films. Two and three layer configurations are capable to produce lower end substitutes of BOPP / CPP.

While mono and two layer lines are available with oscillating die, the three layer line is available with oscillating haul-off and is used to produce narrow width blood bags and/or fusion bags and is also used in several other medical packaging applications with right kind of multilayer film structures.

The lines are capable to process LD, LLD, HD, PP, Nylon and EVA. For narrow width bags a twin die-head downward extrusion blown film line is also offered to produce narrow width PP bags for grocery packaging application. These lines are quite energy efficient and gives optimum production rate which makes investment to installed capacity ratio much favorable.

Applications: Medical packaging films, Adhesive tapes, High clarity films, Bread packaging films, Garment packaging films, Flower wraps films, General purpose films, Metalized films, Blood bag.

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