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PCM - 2405


Mono & Multilayer Sheet Lines

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We manufacture mono & multilayer sheet extrusion plants. Rajoo has over 200 installations across the globe and our machines are designed for absolute ease of operation and are available in a host of configurations to suit individual customer's requirements with output ranging from 110 kg/hr to 700 kg/hr, width ranging from 540 mm to 1400 mm, in single to five layer configuration for processing various polymers like PS, PP, PE, PVC, PET and ABS. Most Lamina sheet lines are designed for thermoforming at its core and therefore accurate and centralized controls allow for production of excellent quality smooth sheets to ensure easy thermoformability of the sheet.

The mono & multilayer sheet lines incorporate advanced features like gravimetric feeding, grooved feed barrier screw extruder, vented extruder, melt pump, independently driven polishing rolls stack, air knife, online thickness monitoring / controlling system, anti-static bath, sheet accumulator, in-line sheet cutter and dual turret winder based on the end use. User friendly controllers and indicators located at various operating stations provide for ease in monitoring and control of various critical processing parameters.

The mono & multilayer sheet extrusion lines incorporate extruders with amply dimensioned energy efficient German technology helical gear reducer and specialty mixing sections; designed to ensure early and uniform melting of resin with regrind loading in large proportion and give optimum output for longer and trouble-free runs.

The lines for PP stationery sheets incorporate specially designed, versatile air knife which facilitates extrusion of thin PP sheet. Thermoformable PP sheet lines incorporate a specially developed highly efficient crammer feeder to ensure high and energy efficient output of PP sheet with high re-grind loading.

Applications: Encapsulant sheets, Acrylic sheets, Textile drums, Barrier packaging sheets, Drawer and table mat, Separators, Embossed / release film, Office folder clear filing envelope film, Refrigerators, shower cabins, bathroom furniture, toys, Thermoformable sheets, Stationery products, Blister packaging sheets

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