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PCM - 2407


Foam Extrusion Lines

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Rajoo manufactures polymer foam extrusion lines in India and has emerged as the only supplier for foam extrusion lines. Starting from chemically foamed PE blown film lines in 1989, Rajoo today offers physically foamed sheet lines for expanded PE and PS with annular as well as flat die.

These sheet lines have a production capacity ranging from 80 kg/hr to 200 kg/hr and density range of 0.22 to 0.02 using different physical blowing agents.

The blown foamed films find applications in banners, wall-calendars and host of other stationery items whereas expanded PE sheets are extensively used for bottle cap liners and general packaging applications. Expanded PS sheets are used in disposable containers. Rajoo is proud to claim that more than 90% of cap liners and foamed banners in India are produced on foam lines.

The foam extrusion lines are designed specially for smooth longer runs. Rajoo have also supplied lines with flat die to produce food grade cap liners with carbon dioxide as physical blowing agent which is considered most difficult to process.

Applications: Bottle cap liners, Wall calendars, Banners, General packaging, Disposable containers

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