For Sale - PCM - 2408 - Extrusion Lines for XPS and XPET Boards


Reference Number

PCM - 2408


Extrusion Lines for XPS and XPET Boards

Product Details

We manufacture foam board extrusion lines for expanded PS and PET
Blowing agents - CO2, technical gases
Deliveries - from 350 up to 1500 kg/h
Density - min 30/40 kg/m3 depending on blowing agents used
Boards thickness - from 20 to 200mm
Boards width - 600, 900 and 1200 mm
Production speed - max 30 m/min

Downstream: All the downstream elements of the extrusion line for cooling, cutting, milling, stacking and packaging the board are engineered as per needs of the production cycle and optimizing the whole process:

- The roller take off units are intensively cooled to accelerate the cooling time and reduce the length of the whole line
- The transversal cutter works "on the spot", this means that special rollers with cutting blades cut the board while it's moving with no need to follow it.

Depending on the output rate and the board thickness, our lines are equipped with:
- One co-rotating with screw extruder with a screw diameter between 130 and 200 mm
- One extruder tandem formed by a primary extruder to melt the materials and mix them with the blowing agent-which can be one single screw extruder

The cut release no dust.
- All milling stations are double; it is possible to change the milling group when changing the board profile without stopping the production. The same milling groups are used to make flat, male/female or step fold mills.
- The automatic packaging units with thermo-restrictive film wrap the board stack automatically.

We have already delivered a large number of downstream equipments for boards with width of 600 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm.