For Sale - PCM - 2409 - Extrusion Line for Semi-Expanded Sheets


Reference Number

PCM - 2409


Extrusion Line for Semi-Expanded Sheets

Product Details

We manufacture extrusion lines specialized into semi-expanded sheets production. These sheets are made by extruded HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS, using the technology of the wide extrusion dies lines.

This way we can produce compact sheets with different sizes and thicknesses. We are only producer to apply expanded extrusion technology to this kind of production, thanks to the long experience gained in this sector.

Our extrusion lines produce semi-expanded sheets which find application among the paper industry, the packaging industry, to realize geomembranes.
Extrusion line produces sheets with density from 100 to 400 kg/m3 and consists of:
- Gravimetric dosing equipment
- Single-screw extruder or co rotating twin screw extruder to melt mix the materials with expanding agents
- Foaming agents dosing device
- Manual or automatic screen changer
- Gear Pump integrated into the static mixer
- Wide extrusion die with flexible and adjustable lips
- 3 rolls calendar vertically or horizontally installed
- Down stream equipments including roller take off, winders, transversal cutting unit and stacker