For Sale - PCM - 2410 - Extrusion Lines for Expanded Sheets


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PCM - 2410


Extrusion Lines for Expanded Sheets

Product Details

Sheets of expanded plastic materials have many applications: thermoforming, packaging, sound insulation, walls and floors insulation, automotive industry etc.

Our machines are designed to process PS, PE, PP or PET with different densities. Our machines can also handle upto 50% of recycled material. The raw material in form of pellets or power is added with fillers, additives, colours etc and dosed into the extruder via volumetric or gravimetric dosing equipment, then it is mixed and melted, the dosing agent is injected and the melt is extruded through a tubular blowing die head.

The extruded film expands passing from the high pressure inside the extruder to atmospheric pressure. The film is then cooled, longitudinally cut and winded by using automatic winders. The extrusion line can also include laminating and spreading equipment to apply in line a rigid skin to the film

Technical characteristics of extrusion lines for expanded film
Material - Polystyrene, polyethylene polypropylene, PET with up to 50% of recycled material
Blowing agents - hydrocarbons (propane or butane) or CO2
Delivery range - from 100 to 700 kg/h
Density - between 25 to 200 gr/l depending on application, polymer type and blowing agent used
Sheet thickness - from 0, 5 to 10 mm
Sheet width - max 3000 mm
Production speed - max 40 m/min

These ranges of extrusion lines are equipped with our co-rotating twin screw extruders with a screw diameter between 100 and 160 mm. In particular cases and for larger outputs the lines are equipped with an extruder tandem, i.e. the primary extruder
- Single or co rotating twin screw
- Melts the material and mixes it with the blowing agent while the secondary single screw extruder brings the mixture down to the extrusion temperature. The same extruders can be used for PS, PE and PP changing only the process parameters to adapt them to the different polymers. For PET instead, the extruder must be able to reach much higher process temperature since PET melts over 2500 C. For same applications the film is formed by two or three layers, i.e. an expanded core covered on one or both sides with a rigid skin of polymers, paper or aluminium. In case of polymer skin it is possible to use two extruders feeding one extrusion head or to extrude only the core layer and spread in line the rigid skin. Paper or aluminium skins can be laminated both in and off line on the expanded core with or without adhesive.

All our extrusion lines have the electrical equipment provided with PLC and control desk with touch screen, allowing the operator to carry out all operation and process tasks easily and quickly.