For Sale - PCM - 2411 - Extrusion Lines for Expanded PE and PP Tubes


Reference Number

PCM - 2411


Extrusion Lines for Expanded PE and PP Tubes

Product Details

Materials - Polyethylene polypropylene, PET with up to 50% of recycled material
Blowing agents - hydrocarbons (propane or butane) or CO2
Delivery - from 60 to 250 kg/h
Density - 22-28 kg/m3
Minimum external diameter - 20 mm
Maximum external diameter - 80 mm
Production speed - from 20 to 50 m/min

This type of tubes is used only for the thermo insulation of piping systems which transport refrigerated or hot liquids or gases. Normally these tubes are made out of PE, or PP for some particular applications.
The extrusion lines can have a second extruder which applies a rigid skin to close the pores of the tube over the pipe to be insulated.
There is also the possibility, when the diameter is small, to extrude the expanded tube around the copper pipe to be insulated.
The use of multi die heads brings the advantage to increase considerably the output of the extrusion line.