For Sale - PCM - 2414 - Scrap Recycling for Expanded Polymer


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PCM - 2414


Scrap Recycling for Expanded Polymer

Product Details

The production of expanded polymer products generates a large volume of scrap; during the start up and during the different operations carried out on the product as cutting and milling the boards, thermoforming the films and so on. All plants should therefore have recycling lines to get pellets which can be added to the raw material in quantities which can reach even 50%

We manufacture recycling lines for this particular process which needs: shredder and granulators with particularly large feeding openings to insert also boards with up to 1200 mm width or complete scrap film rolls with diameters up to 2000 mm

Granulator with extra large feed opening to scrap also complete boards
Underwater palletizes with screen changer
- An efficient degassing system in the extruder to extract from the material residual gases and humidity
- A very accurate filtration system with manual or automatic screen changer to filter all material impurities
- A simple but efficient palletizing system with a perfect cut producing no fines
- An efficient pellet drying system which allows the transport of pellets directly to the silos of the production lines

Material - polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, PET
Delivery - from 200 to 2000 kg/hr
Extruders - single screw extruder with screw diameter from 60 to 200 mm
Granulators - extremely large feeding openings

Granulators: Our granulators have extremely large feeding openings which allow to feed also very voluminous scraps. The output is also high (up to 900 kg/hr) in order to granulate in short time voluminous scraps, which is very useful during the start up period of the production lines. The granulators are of open rotor design equipped with 3 knives with scissor cutting action. The cut scrap are pneumatically transported from the granulator to the silos feeding the recycling line

Extruder: The recycling lines are equipped with our single screw extruder with forced feeding hopper to compact the incoming scraps and with an efficient degassing system to extruder has also a screen changer with two screens (one in operation, the other one in stand by position). Depending on the requested output the extruder has a screw diameter between 60 and 200 mm and a length of 35 D

Palletizing system: All our recycling lines equipped with a special palletizing system where the pellets are cut in air but immediately immersed in the water chamber which cools the pellets and transports them to the centrifugal dryer. From there the pellets are filled in obtains or transported pneumatically to the silos of the production lines

This particular palletizing system has two main advantages.
- easy start up: just near to the die plate the pelletizer with knives and water chamber, positioned on wheels, then start the knives and the water.
- cut without scraps and fines, very important to facilitate the dosing of the pellets in the production line.